The 10th 5-Year Plan

Tenth Five-Year Plan - Five-Year Plan of Efficiency and Quality


The tenth five-year plan is the five-year plan for efficiency and quality. At the 25th Party Congress, the essence of the tenth five-year plan was expressed in a short and comprehensive formula worked out by the party - it is a five-year plan of quality and high efficiency in the name of further economic growth and people's welfare. In these conditions, new technology , scientific and technological progress are of particular importance. That is why the solution of all the issues considered should contribute to an even higher rate of development of scientific research and technical progress in Russia.

 Its main task - raising the material and cultural standard of living of the people - is being solved on the basis of the dynamic and proportional development of social production, increasing its efficiency and the efficiency of capital investments. Creativity of millions gives birth to new patriotic initiatives. The initiative of the Five Years of Quality - a working guarantee was made by the advanced teams of the Moscow Electromechanical Plant named after Vladimir Ilyich. 

Today, socialist emulation is closely linked with the solution of the most important tasks of the tenth five-year plan, an increase in the efficiency of production and the quality of work with a view to further economic growth and people's well-being